5 Reasons Why Laser Hair Removal is Awesome

Having flawless skin is something women would love to have especially when the occasion calls for it. That cocktail dress can give you a chance to show off your nice shape, but with hairy legs, you might be too embarrassed to don one. You might be considering to invest some time in waxing sessions or do some shaving on your own. Also, you"re bracing yourself for all the pain just for the sake of getting a beautiful complexion.

Well, the good news is, laser hair removal provides a more efficient and less painful solution to your hair problem. Here are reasons why you should consider laser hair removal:

Time is Gold

More often than not, we spend most of our time making ourselves pretty and pleasing to others. Just imagine taking away a chunk of your schedule for all those waxing appointments and spending some hours every day just to shave. With the best laser hair removal, you get only to spend about 20 minutes per session and get more satisfactory results. Every person"s results vary but you"ll save more of your golden time in the long run.

You would practically avoid getting monthly treatments and get more time to do other activities you have in mind.

Spend Less

Okay, laser hair removal may be expensive, but if you look at the bigger picture, you could save more money as compared to shaving or waxing. You don"t need to spend money on waxing kits, razors, shaving cream or appointments that you need to have every month. And since laser hair removal can efficiently reduce hair growth, you don"t need to get treatments as often as other hair removal methods. You would have more savings to spend on more important stuff.

Still, Gain with Less Pain

With laser hair removal, you hardly have any long recovery time at all. Compared to waxing, you won"t have to brace yourself for any painful moments. You feel as if tiny pins pricking or rubber bands snapping on your skin. You don"t have to grimace in pain like when the aesthetician would strip off the wax and regret every moment of it. If you have a low threshold for pain and yet you want quick results, gentle laser hair removal would be the best option for you.

Though there are some side effects of treatment, you don"t need to worry about severe complications. Some redness and the feeling of being sunburned is natural.

Efficient Hair Removal

You don"t need to worry about getting sandpaper legs, and those ghastly hair stubbles. Laser hair removal is effective in reducing hair growth. Also, if you want hair removed in delicate areas such as above the lip, lasers can target that small area without causing damage. Also, what"s excellent about laser hair removal is, you"re able to see visible results after one treatment, and you just need additional procedures for that perfect, flawless look. Some effects can even be permanent!

Boost Confidence

After trying laser hair removal and getting satisfactory results, you would feel good about yourself. Having a right dose of self-esteem can make a difference as you would be ready to take on new adventures in your life. A trip to the pool, beach or any special occasion would be no problem for you. Also, you don"t need to compare yourself to others as you would be entirely comfortable in your skin!

With all these tremendous benefits it would be a no-brainer as to why more and more people choose laser hair removal. Compared to waxing and sharing, you would get more than you asked for. Feel the difference today and visit a professional laser hair removal clinic near you!

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All You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has lately become the most effective way to remove unwanted hair.

What determines the outcome of this treatment?

Skin type: It will be much more effective in whiter skin and brown skin

The thickness and hair pigment: The thicker and darker the hair, the easier the laser hair removal. You can not remove grizzled like hair blond hair.

How do hair removal lasers work?

The aim of these lasers is the hair follicle, which is heated to destroy it. This is effective only in follicles with a high pigment load and is in the growth phase. However, in other cases where the pigment loading is very small, only it is going to be possible transient destruction.

The ideal person would be one with a white skin with black hair and thick. In patients with brown skin with hair that is very pigmented also has a good result, although you have to be more careful because if there is a heavy load of pigment in the epidermis, the laser can damage the skin, resulting in scabs and burns leaving parts of skin although eventually, it disappears.

How many sessions are needed?

Several sessions are needed, usually, with a good laser quality, four to eight sessions will suffice to eliminate 85% of the hair. The remaining will be much thinner and lose the pigment so it will be harder to remove.

Does it work equally in all areas?

There are more difficult areas such as the face. Facial hair is regulated by hormones so it is more difficult to remove and should be considered as a system of long-term hair removal.

How to ensure a good result?

To get a good result, it is essential that the laser machine is good. Moreover, being in a medical environment with professionals who can indicate excellent treatment is very important to conduct evaluations.

How long you have to wait between sessions?

It is advisable to wait at least two months between sessions. If the sessions are prolonged in time, the treatment will last longer. Instead, shorten treatment makes it less efficient as it alters the phases of hair growth.

What is the ideal time for this treatment?

The ideal time for treatment is in winter because it is not advisable to sun exposure.

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